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Administrative units
Tourist attractions

Mukono District


Mukono District is broadly situated either side of the main highway between Kampala and Jinja. The town of Mukono lies on that road and is approximately 27 kilometres (17 mi), by road, east of Kampala, the capital and largest city of Uganda.  The proximity of the district to Kampala and Jinja bestows none of the benefits associated with major towns, cities or highways.

Administrative units

The district is composed of Mukono County, the Mukono Munincipal Council, and the Nakifuma Council.


According to the 2014 national census provisional results, the district had a population of about 561,954, of whom 45 percent were males and 55 percent were females. 

A majority of adolescent girls and young women, orphans and vulnerable children in this area, have limited to no opportunities to participate in decisions concerning their wellbeing because of their vulnerability (usually due to poverty and gender) or their age. As a result of the lack of sources of income, they are unable to meet their most basic needs.


Despite success in sectors such as tourism, Uganda in general and Mukono District in particular remains among the least developed and poorest areas in the world. The majority of the population lives on less than $1 per day and the incidence of poverty is not decreasing. Agriculture remains vital to the economy, with 80% of the population deriving some part of their income from this source.

Tourist attractions

The district is blessed with a favorable climate, abundant rainfall, rich flora and fauna, and proximity to urban areas. The major tourist attractions in the district include the following:

         Lake Victoria

         Sezibwa Falls

         River Sezibwa,

         Ngamba Islands

         Ssekabaka Kintu's Palace

         Nabitimba Cultural

         Hornsleth Village Project


The three most reported diseases in Mukono are:


o   Due to the climate in the area mosquitoes are prevalent most of the year. Numerous attempts have been made to inoculate or distribute nets but Malaria continues to be a debilitating illness.

         Pneumonia and Tuberculosis

o   Large unsealed surfaces and the use of open fires for cooking make pneumonia and tuberculosis major problems in the area. There are few low smoke, high efficiency fires in the area.


o   According to UNAIDS estimates, AIDS-related mortality among adolescents has increased by 50% over the past seven years, but fell for all other age groups. Two out of three people aged 0–14 lack access to HIV treatment worldwide, and recent data collected from sub-Saharan Africa indicate that only 10% of young men and 15% of young women (15–24 years) are aware of their HIV status.



A lack of professional skills is a key obstacle to development in rural Mukono Communities and it hinders the population from actively improving their lives sustainably, especially at community levels.

Model farming

Teaching modern methods

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Health Centres

Care in the community

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Learning for all

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Renewable Electricity

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Sustainable Transport

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Cash for the community

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Value Added Products

Regular Income

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Well delivery

We could spend all our efforts getting water to everyone in the communities. EACO Friendly has a plan to achieve this.


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