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Despite record investment over the past five years, Uganda's healthcare performance is still ranked as one of the worst in the world by the World Health Organisation. The country is ranked 186th out of 191 nations. Tanzania is ranked at 156.


A Ugandan's health and life expectancy is among the lowest across the globe. In Uganda, one in every 200 births ends the mother's life, around 1 million people are living with HIV and although malaria accounts for 14% of all deaths, less than 10% of children under five are sleeping under insecticide-treated nets.

The African Medical and Research Foundation (Amref) says health has proved one of the most complex and challenging components of its work.

Serious challenges have emerged with increasingly poor and erratic drug distribution, lack of trained medical staff and equipment and the looming threat of a global recession disrupting progress.

51% of people don't have any contact with public healthcare facilities. Only 38% of healthcare posts are filled in Uganda. The healthcare staff who are working, have little incentive to work in poor rural areas. Some 70% of Ugandan doctors and 40% of nurses and midwives are based in urban areas, serving only 12% of the Ugandan population.

The lack of drugs  is testament to the failure of the national drug distribution programme, something not factored in to health goals at the beginning of the project. 

EACO Friendly Health intends to create a profit making health facility in each community. The community must provide the facilities, an entrepreneurial certified health care worker will operate the business and it will be stocked by a funding partner. All contributing to the business in time and materials will be own a share of the business

The model is almost infinitely extendable to any community. Any locally based certified entrepreneurs are welcome to contact us .

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