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EACO Friendly Fish Farming


Developing the World

EACO Friendly Fish is the second venture for EACO Friendly and we have built a new fish farm in Mukono. Working inpartnership with GoBigHub we are also developing a cat fish pond in Kasenge.

Pond culture is the most common system in Uganda. Other forms of fish culture such as cage culture are only starting to be discussed especially by the emerging commercial fish farmers. 


Previously farmers, 99 percent of whom were subsistence fish farmers, had ponds ranging anywhere from 50 m to 200 m. The majority (an estimated 60 percent) remain at subsistence level of production with little or no technical inputs or management. 

With the drive to commercialise aquaculture, production efforts to increase the pond surface have resulted in a current average of 500 m per pond. Farmers at this level have adopted the use of inputs such as quality fish seed and feed.

Our first fish farm located in Kitete, Uganda is stocked with 3000 growing fish. For more details see our  web site

In the future we hope to engage with entrepreneurial certified professionals, local communities or landowners to jointly share in the development of micro businesses in such areas as model farming, healthcare, education, tourism, renewable energy, logistics, value added products and water supply. The model is almost infinitely extendable to any community. Any locally based certified entrepreneurs are welcome to contact us .

See how Mitusera Bainomugisha has done it here.

Model farming

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