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    Pollinating the world

Developing Africa

Serving communities of Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda

with an emphasis on helping the dispossessed.

EACO Friendly Vacancies


Developing the World

Any locally based certified entrepreneurs are welcome to contact us . The areas we are interested in are:









Value Added Products

Water divining and well construction

The above is not exclusive.

We are looking for enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want a stake in a business and are prepared to share the risk of operating this new  organisation, testing their newly learned skills whilst having the back up of managers with a history of buisness and development. 

Applicants must be willing to live 'on the job' and, when requested,  will have to develop a 5 year business plan which will be challenged as part of the interview process. 

This final business plan will then be used as the business model to drive the organisation forward. If the plan is successful then the model will be extended to more communities which will create opportunities for advancement within EACO Friendly. 

Successful applicants will be expected, in some circumstances, to train apprentices in a 3 year apprentice scheme to further populate the communities  with experts in their various roles.

Model farming

Teaching modern methods

Local knowledge is fast disappearing from the communities. EACO Friendly has a solution which provides recent learning with apprenticeships with those communities....More

Health Centres

Care in the community

People often have to walk vast distances to get medical attention. EACO Friendly wants to provide health services in each community centre to provide quick and easy access to medical services...More


Learning for all

Education is often unaffordable and is not compulsory. EACO Friendly  has a business case to solve this issue.....More


Renewable Electricity

The UN has said that all will have access to energy by 2030. EACO Friendly has a solution to this now...More


Sustainable Transport

Providing transport links to the often under supported communities in Mukono...More


Cash for the community

EACO Friendly Honey is the first venture for EACO Friendly and will process honey for the community.... More

Value Added Products

Regular Income

A business best survives with higher prices and constant income...More


Well delivery

We could spend all our efforts getting water to everyone in the communities. EACO Friendly has a plan to achieve this....