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Administrative units
Tourist attractions

Kilimanjaro Districts

Kilimanjaro Region


The region is bordered to the north and east by Kenya, to the south by the Tanga Region, to the southwest by the Manyara Region, and to the west by the Arusha Region.

Administrative units

Of the region's seven districts, five traditionally had Chagga settlements, which are Hai District Council, Moshi Municipal Council, Moshi District Council, Rombo District Council, and Siha District Council. The other two, Mwanga District Council and Same District Council, have historically included Pare settlements. 


According to the 2012 national census results, the region had a population of 1,640,047 of whom 794,130 were males and 846,947 were females. At that time the population of the district was at 1,640,087.

A majority of adolescent girls and young women, orphans and vulnerable children in this area, have limited to no opportunities to participate in decisions concerning their wellbeing because of their vulnerability (usually due to poverty and gender) or their age. As a result of the lack of sources of income, they are unable to meet their most basic needs.


In 2015 out of 1,640,087 Kilimanjaro residents, 87,474 from Same, Mwanga, Moshi Rural, Siha and Hai districts are facing a shortage of 9,109.50 tonnes of maize.

Sporadic rains started late and ended early leading to drying of crops before maturity.

For a decade, the region has faced disasters like landslides, hailstorm, floods, storm, epidemics and caterpillar outbreaks, mostly in lowlands of Same, Mwanga, Moshi, Rombo and Hai districts.

The World Bank has previously initiated a pilot project in disaster-prone areas in Same and Shinyanga districts. In the pilot project in Same District, women and youth groups were engaged in agriculture, poultry and livestock keeping as well as schools in tree nurseries in Hedaru, Makanya and Vunta wards.

Tourist attractions

The district is blessed with Mount Kilimanjaro but there are other major tourist attractions in the district which include the following:

         Kikuletwa Hotsprings

         Lake Chala

         Olpopongi - Maasai Cultural Village & Museum

         Ndoro Waterfall

         Chagga Live Museum

         Kilimanjaro Animal Centre

         Kibo Tower


Top 10 Common diseases: Malaria, HIV and AIDS, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, TB, Pneumonia, Cancer, Intestinal worms, Diarrhoea and Skin infections.

HIV and AIDS:  In year 2010, HIV and AIDS prevalence in Kilimanjaro stood at 1.9% down from 7.3% in 2005.


A lack of professional skills is a key obstacle to development in rural Mukono Communities and it hinders the population from actively improving their lives sustainably, especially at community levels.

Model farming

Teaching modern methods

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Health Centres

Care in the community

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Learning for all

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Sustainable Transport

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Value Added Products

Regular Income

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Well delivery

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